Adept user experience research and product strategy professional with experience across agency and in-house settings as a manager, solo practitioner, and senior team member.

Generative & Evaluative mixed-methods user research, Discovery, & usability testing Design Thinking, Ideation, & MVP workshop Facilitation Research Ops & Best Practices Team leadership, mentoring, budgets, & vendor management

B2B Pharma Discovery & UX Design

In-Depth Interviews, Ethnography & Contextual Inquiry, Product Analytics, Survey Design, Thematic Analysis, Business Development, Workshop Facilitation, Information Architecture

A few principles: approach your users with curiosity and common humanity trust your stakeholders, but verify their assumptions discovery isn’t enough; it must come with strategy don’t bother picking fights with your PMs personae are (usually) overrated, underutilized make-work few organizations will optimize post-launch, so you better get it right the first time research repositories demand time and toil to be valuable… and usually gather dust, anyway you can democratize a lot of research, but not all of it

Agency, in-house, and consulting experience.
Located in St. Louis, MO and open to remote work.
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